Frequently Asked Questions

What is the New York City Charter?

The New York City Charter serves as our local constitution, creating a structure for City government. The Charter establishes the key institutions of City government and defines the authority and responsibilities of City agencies and elected officials. Significant chapters in the Charter outline the budget, planning, zoning, contracting, collective bargaining, and land use processes for the City.

What is a Charter Revision Commission?

A Charter Revision Commission, authorized by New York State law, prepares a draft of proposed revisions to the Charter. This draft is then submitted to city voters for approval. The New York City Council passed Local Law 91 of 2018 establishing the Charter Revision Commission 2019, which will carry out a comprehensive review of the Charter. The Charter Revision Commission 2019 consists of 15 appointed "Commissioners."

When will Charter Commission 2019 begin its work?

The Charter Revision Commission 2019 will hold a series of public meetings and hearings throughout the five boroughs beginning summer 2018. The Commission will submit a draft of a new or revised Charter to voters for approval in November 2019.

Why was Charter Commission 2019 created?

The last Charter Revision Commission to fully overhaul the city's government concluded its work nearly 30 years ago. Charter Commission 2019 has a broad mandate to conduct a top-to-bottom review of the Charter. It's time for a fresh look.

How can you get involved?

It is vital that we hear from you. At the meetings and hearings you can learn more about the issues and share your suggestions and ideas. You can also submit your ideas here.