Sal Albanese

Appointed by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams

2018.06.28_Sal Albanese Headshot circle.png

After teaching in NYC public schools for 11 years, Sal ran for City Council at the urging of community residents and defeated a 21-year incumbent and Republican-Conservative Minority Leader. Sal represented the people of southwestern Brooklyn and was re-elected four times until 1997, when he became a mayoral candidate. As a Council Member, Sal was on the Public Safety, Education, and Transportation committees. He introduced the pioneering New York City Living Wage Bill, was the original sponsor of the campaign finance reform bill that would permanently remove big money from the city’s political process, and helped pass one of the first bills in the nation to prohibit housing and employment discrimination based on sexual orientation.

For the past 19 years, Sal has worked in the private sector in the legal and financial fields. He received his B.A. in Education from CUNY’s York College, earned an M.A. in Health Science from NYU, and received his law degree from Brooklyn Law School in 1990.